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Introducing a special live workshop with Platform Co-Founder and President, Sara Koonar. This workshop is for content creators who are looking to turn their social media influence into a productive side hustle or full-time job. We will be covering:


  • How to market yourself to brands
  • Learn general brand relations etiquette
  • How to create a media kit to generate attention
  • How to effectively draft a pitch to a brand
  • How to accurately price your content
  • How to properly negotiate a fair contract when you get that partnership


WHEN: September 10, 2020 – 1pm-3pm EST

VIA: Live Zoom Webinar Feed

Only $29


The scoop

A hands-on, intimate crash course on how to directly apply industry strategies to elevate your brand & business.

Social media is no longer the future, it’s right now and it isn’t going anywhere. The process of creating engaging content to help leverage your personal brand or business is now one afternoon away. Get the tools. Apply them. Watch the results.


Learn exactly what it takes to create a dynamic channel generating clients, partnering with brands or showcasing your portfolio of services. We will talk the ins and outs of growing your platform, the business behind it and the creative steps in order to make sure your content is premium. No frills. Real intel.

“I can honestly say that I owe so much of my growth to the awesome team at Platform Media and the PlatForum workshop. PlatForum was everything I needed to fine tune my personal brand, find my voice, understand my data and to navigate an industry I knew almost nothing about with dignity and confidence. Now as I move forward into working with brands and turning my passion into a sustainable side hustle, I’m using strategies I learned at PlatForum on a daily basis. Not only was the day fun and insightful, but Daniel, Sara, Ashley and Carolyn could not have been more approachable and relaxed in answering our questions and really taking the time to help. You can tell they care. They really take the time to review your content personally, and  give you real-world tips that you can use in a general sense, but also tailored to your own project. It felt really one-on-one.


If you are looking to elevate your brand and take your business to the next level, PlatForum really does give you all the tools you need to reach your goals and slay your social media game. Get it.”

– Christina Mychaskiw / @styleapotheca

All the goods, nothing
held back

Workshop hosts Sara Koonar & Daniel Ocean will share the up-to-the minute insights into the mood of the industry, upcoming trends and how to stay ahead of the curve. Knowing the power of social media is important, anticipating where it is going is crucial.

Let’s lock in who you are, what your pillars of content are and what your message is. Identifying and understanding who your prospective audience will allow us to determine what content is needed to attract them to your channels. We will review some of the industry’s leader and best practices to better understand how to be successful.

Let’s face it, growth has been a challenge for many with the implementation of the new algorithms, all the more reason to decipher what it takes to keep growing. While numbers don’t determine value, if you’ve hit a wall, we have the insight into how to break free. Growing your following, creating a more engaged audience and getting on the radar of potential brand partners take specific strategies you will learn in this workshop.

A section spearheaded by Daniel Ocean, we will dive deep into how to create captivating content for your channels. Simplicity and systemizing are the keys to consistent content, Daniel will share all the insights needed and answer common questions like: What camera do I REALLY need? How do I create video content without expansive experience? How do I make my photos look consistent in aesthetic like my favourite creators? We got you!

This is information that can take years and a lot of practice to learn. Sponsorships are a great way to fund your content creation. Industry leader Sara Koonar alongside experienced influencer Daniel Ocean will tell you EXACTLY what you need to put your flag in this arena with confidence. The digital tools you need, what brands look for, how to build a relationship, how to pitch a brand, how to value your content and even how to navigate through contracts and agreements.


The Platform Pros

Co-Founder + Chief Strategy Officer
Sara Koonar
Co-Founder + Chief Creative Director
Daniel Ocean