FAQ: What does Platform look for in a creator?

At Platform, we are constantly seeking talented individuals who can effectively engage audiences and create meaningful connections. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what Platform values when recruiting creators, focusing on three key qualities that set our influencers apart.

1. An Engaged Audience:

At Platform, we believe that true influence extends beyond follower counts. While we do have a minimum requirement of 20K followers, our primary focus is on engagement. We seek influencers whose audiences feel like genuine communities. It’s important to us that your followers actively participate, comment, and share your content. Do they trust your recommendations enough to make purchases based on your promotions? We value influencers who foster an environment where authenticity and connection reign supreme.

2. A Unique Story, Voice, or Perspective:

In a sea of influencers, we’re always looking for something new, fresh, and distinct. We want creators who have captivating stories to tell, voices that stand out, and unique perspectives on life. Storytelling is a vital skill, and we value influencers who can weave their experiences, passions, and knowledge into compelling narratives. We’re not interested in replicating what we already have in our talent pool. Show us the magic that sets you apart.

3. A Canadian Audience:

As a Toronto-based agency, our clients are eager to reach Canadian consumers. If you’re an influencer with a strong Canadian audience, you’ve caught our attention! We value influencers who have a deep understanding of local preferences and trends. Whether you’re based in Canada or your content resonates strongly with Canadian followers, we’re excited to collaborate with influencers who can help our clients connect with their target audience on a local level.

When it comes to recruiting creators, Platform seeks more than just follower counts. We look for influencers with engaged audiences who create a sense of community. We value individuals who have unique stories, voices, and perspectives that stand out in the crowded influencer landscape. Additionally, as a Toronto-based agency, we appreciate influencers with a strong Canadian following, enabling us to better serve our clients in reaching their target audience. If you embody these qualities, we’d love to collaborate with you and build authentic influencer partnerships that make a lasting impact. Join us at Platform and let’s create something incredible together.