How It Started

Founded in 2016 by Sara Koonar and Daniel Ocean, Platform Media & Management Inc represents a breath of fresh air in the realm of influencer marketing. Sara, with her rich background as a magazine editor, innovated advertising during her years in digital publishing. Her expertise was in forging branded content partnerships, seamlessly connecting advertisers with audiences through dynamic and engaging content.

As the media landscape evolved, with social media reigning supreme and traditional print facing new challenges, Sara recognized a shift in how brands could convey their messages. It was during this pivotal time she crossed paths with Daniel, an exceptionally skilled photographer, videographer, designer, and emerging influencer. Their shared vision gave birth to Platform: an agency dedicated to being influencer-first, advocating for the rights, fair treatment, and the equitable pay of content creators, while facilitating dream partnerships with brands.

Platform stands out for its meticulously curated roster of Canadian influencers, each embodying the highest standards of professionalism. Our team is committed to delivering a smooth, efficient working process for our clients, ensuring exceptional results every time. Based in the vibrant heart of Toronto, Canada, our office is a hub of creativity and collaboration, where our team come together to create magic for our clients and creators alike.

Our Mission

At Platform, we believe in creating a space for everyone to share their unique stories. We simplify collaborations between brands and content creators in order to create an inclusive environment that promotes authentic experiences. We want to create a world where marketing mirrors the society we live in. 


We believe the best ideas come from friendly surroundings, not formal settings, and our top goal is to provide safe spaces where artists and creatives can flourish. We bring real stories to reality and prioritize representation and visibility in all our discussions. 


Our intention with our shared office space is to create a purposeful meeting atmosphere. You’ll typically find us comfortably situated on couches, sipping on tasty chai lattes, or indulging in the latest sweet-treat trend. We strongly believe in teamwork and collaboration and aim to avoid an “us vs. them” mentality.


Our mission revolves around supporting our team and talent to achieve their highest potential, treating clients like longtime friends, and working together to accomplish collective goals. Sound exciting? Let’s create something magical!

Our Impact

We share a collective vision grounded in equity, transparency, empowerment, collaboration and celebration. 

Equity: Everyone deserves a seat at the table, and this is reflected in our team and roster. We actively seek out opportunities to support organizations that champion diverse voices and promote equity.

Transparency: We are committed to openness and honesty in the ways in which we work with our creators and clients, but also how we allocate our resources and which organizations we passionately support.

Empowerment: We invest in programs and initiatives that provide people with the tools and resources they need to thrive. Whether it’s supporting education, skills development, or access to essential services, our aim is to empower individuals to take control of their futures. 

Collaboration: Collaboration is key to achieving meaningful change. We actively seek partnerships with like-minded organizations, influencers, and individuals who share our values.

Celebration: We believe in celebrating the achievements and contributions of our team, the communities and causes we support. Celebration not only recognizes the progress made but also inspires others to get involved.

Additional Services

UGC | EDI + Impact Consulting | Brand Strategy | Mentorship